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About Beyond H2O

Over 15 Years of Water Purification Excellence

Beyond H2O believes that clean water is essential to your health and well-being. We help residential and commercial clients ensure that the water they drink or serve is free of harmful contaminants, chemicals, and by-products. Our mission is to provide you with water that is pure, clean, and clear.

With our nine-state process and the latest filtration and purification technology, we can remove all particles from your water within less of .00001 microns. Our systems will get rid of insecticides, herbicides, dioxins, fluoride, chlorine, minerals, and heavy metals (like lead, copper, and mercury) from the water you drink and use. We also remove pathogenic bacteria and viruses as well as parasites that can cause serious illnesses. 

Our nine-state process for water purification involves:
  • Sediment Filtration – Removes dirt, sand, and other heavy sediments that other systems often miss
  • Activated Carbon Filtration – Removes organic chemical compounds, pesticides, chlorine, and more
  • Ion Exchange –Removes inorganic substances
  • Secondary Sediment Filtration – Removes all particles down to 5 microns
  • Dual Reverse Osmosis – Allows water molecules to pass through one at a time while diverting contaminants down the drain
  • Holding Tank – Pure water stored in our 304 stainless steel tank
  • Aeration – Injecting oxygen into the water every 15 minutes
  • Ozonation – Ozone is injected into your tank to sanitize it from viruses and bacteria
  • Ultraviolet Light – Water passes through an ultraviolet light to kill all microorganisms
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